September 2021: general election time in Germany. It will be the first since 2005 in which Angela Merkel will not be a candidate for chancellor. (More…)

When William Westmorland led American forces in Vietnam, he kept a copy of Bernard Fall’s devastating critique of the French war in Indochina, The Street Without Joy, on his night table. (More…)

Since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, opposition to anti-contagion efforts has been led by a small number of fringe groups and quasi-movements linked together by social media. (More…)

Throughout the US war in Afghanistan, Western media framed the conflict in terms that suited the governments of the day. (More…)

We’re all familiar with the sight of reporters standing outside Parliament, doing their talking heads thing. (More…)

We are living in an era of challenges to liberal democracy that would have been comprehensible to previous generations.  (More…)

Montenegro is a study in contrasts: a proudly traditional culture that adopts the latest technology and trends with ease; a rugged, mountainous topology that drops dramatically to the gentle Adriatic Sea via modern highways and old, winding roads; and a climate of baking dry heat in the summer, turning to cooling rain and snow-topped peaks in the winter.  (More…)

France’s language policy has long placed French as the only “language of the Republic”, ignoring and banning, in certain instances, the use of more than twenty native languages. (More…)

“We work closely with Israeli media. If there’s anything you need from Hungary, don’t be afraid to ask,” the young woman informed me. (More…)

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