Our unique editorial approach


Fight false narratives

Defend democracy

Combat racism

Expose extremism

Promote diversity

Champion ethical journalism

Innovative content sections

Speaking truth to power and people who wield it, The Battleground provides quality journalism that shines a light on the news stories influencing public debate.

Here are some of the innovative content sections that reflect our unique editorial approach:


Critical Times

Stories that explain context or clarify meaning

Behind The Lines

Stories that dig deeper to get behind the headlines

Words Have Consequences

Stories that connect political and public discourse with events

The Interrogation Room

Exclusive interviews and in-depth analysis


Books, music, festivals, films that shed light on today’s issues

Photo Essays

Visual features that rely on the power of images to tell the story


Premium visual storytelling

The Battleground will innovate through the premium it will place on the use of photojournalism in its stories.


Boasting large, prominently placed visuals, with an emphasis on curating original images not found in other news media, The Battleground intends to leave as much of a visual impression as it intends to innovate with sound.


What people see today is oftentimes so complex, the right choice in images can be as important to explaining a topic as writing about it. Original images can also be even more effective when combined with stories which emphasise context.


Employing both silent and narrated slideshows, and DIY news and interview videos produced by our contributors, The Battleground’s visual storytelling will provide a fresh platform for today’s young journalists, and their eclectic editorial skillsets, equally at home producing interdisciplinary news content using their iPhones, as staff heavy newsrooms which, as recently as a five years ago, relied on dedicated video teams and studios to produce the same work.