Battleground books are anthologies of articles. They are designed as long reads, to reflect on important topics.

Our first title, Losing Europe, is a collection of the best of our Brexit analysis.

Available September 2020

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On 23 June 2016, the country that had ruled over the largest empire in history voted to “take back control”.

The reason, Nigel Farage wrote in a get-out-the-vote opinion editorial for The Independent on the 20th, was to restore British democracy.

Since when were the British ruled over by someone else, was the inevitable response.

This was a protest vote, from the heart, not from the head. That’s what the anti-colonial rhetoric appealed to.

Hence, this collection of essays.

From The Battleground’s inception, our goal was always to read British politics with a fresh, or at the very least, unfamiliar perspective.

That’s why we’ve paid particular attention to the Irish aspect of the Brexit crisis.

This is also why the work in this collection is so profound.

It’s a direct reflection of how many Britons think. There’s a lot of breadth and sanity there.

What we hope is that you’ll find a little bit of the same in our pages, too.
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