Ronald Reagan was elected to a second term as America’s president in November 1984. (More…)

Since his early days with the Pop Rivets in the late 1970s, Billy Childish’s music has been remarkably consistent. (More…)

In Shutdown: How Covid Shook the World’s Economy, Adam Tooze cites a fund manager’s assessment of the difficulties facing traders when the pandemic blew up in March 2020: (More…)

Fire, the new album by The Bug, hits hard, even harder than its rather distant predecessors, London Zoo (2008) and Pressure (2003). But it also hits soft.  (More…)

The end of communism was meant to be a return to the “civilised” world of individualism and consumerism. It didn’t quite happen that way. (More…)

While the pandemic continues to inflict horrific suffering on the world, its early phase is now capable of inspiring nostalgia. We remember the excitement of watching everyday routines grind to a halt and then having to figure out what to do in their absence. (More…)

We are living in an era of challenges to liberal democracy that would have been comprehensible to previous generations.  (More…)

On her spacious and subtle new album Medieval Femme, Fatima Al Qadiri returns to London’s Hyperdub label to ask forceful questions about the relationship between margin and centre. (More…)

This is What Europe Sounds Like makes for uneasy listening.  Not because of strident guitars, disturbing lyrics, or aggressive atonality, but because it refuses to meet the expectation of music at all. (More…)

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