Critical Times

Borders bring almost as much insecurity as security. (More…)

One would think that the political crisis, the lack of government, and the third consecutive parliamentary election in a year are hard enough situations for Bulgaria. (More…)

On the occasion of your visit to Montenegro, we are writing to you to share our deep concern about the clericalisation of Montenegrin society, the suppression of media freedoms, the collapse of the concept of a civil state, multicultural society and many human rights violations. (More…)

We are a representative group of concerned Montenegrin citizens – academics, activists, journalists and intellectuals of all genders. We do not represent any single political party or civic group in Montenegro, but we support and defend Montenegro’s status as a secular, multi-ethnic and anti-fascist society, which we believe is being threatened and even dismantled by the current government. (More…)

The Green Pass is the Italian version of the EU Digital COVID Certificate.  (More…)

A few days ago, Montenegro’s Democratic Front (DF) issued its most significant threat to date to their partners in the ruling coalition. (More…)

The Tories are cutting benefits again.  (More…)

Since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, opposition to anti-contagion efforts has been led by a small number of fringe groups and quasi-movements linked together by social media. (More…)

The United Kingdom is transitioning to a different kind of capitalism.  (More…)

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