Critical Times

Since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, opposition to anti-contagion efforts has been led by a small number of fringe groups and quasi-movements linked together by social media. (More…)

The United Kingdom is transitioning to a different kind of capitalism.  (More…)

The UK’s broadcast media is in a transitional period. The BBC is facing structural changes, whereas GB News has been launched and Boris Johnson is looking to privatise Channel 4. (More…)

The development of the European Union in the last decade has been shaped by a malign synergy of neoliberalism and populism. (More…)

A new report published by the International Partnership for Human Rights and Truth Hounds details extensive violations of international humanitarian law by Armenia and Azerbaijan during the Second Nagorno-Karabakh War. (More…)

His name doesn’t matter. He is from Niksic, but he could be from any city of this new “liberated” Montenegro. (More…)

While Palestine solidarity activities have long been common in European countries such as the UK and Spain, in Germany, the situation is markedly different. (More…)

Chinese investment in the Greek port of Piraeus has boosted trade between the two countries. But tensions over an alleged breaking of environmental rules have highlighted the potential harms of Beijing’s largesse. (More…)

In Lisbon’s Fall election, Beatriz Gomes Dias could become the first woman of African descent to lead the Portuguese capital, if her coalition wins a majority on the city council. (More…)

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