Words Have Consequences

Armed with power drills and angle grinders, The Guardian’s deputy editor Paul Johnson and two other journalists set about dismembering their computers.  (More…)

Walking around Shepperton, you would have no idea this area was home to one of the greatest English writers of the twentieth century. (More…)

Throughout the US war in Afghanistan, Western media framed the conflict in terms that suited the governments of the day. (More…)

We’re all familiar with the sight of reporters standing outside Parliament, doing their talking heads thing. (More…)

France’s language policy has long placed French as the only “language of the Republic”, ignoring and banning, in certain instances, the use of more than twenty native languages. (More…)

“We work closely with Israeli media. If there’s anything you need from Hungary, don’t be afraid to ask,” the young woman informed me. (More…)

One of The Battleground’s strongest areas of coverage is Germany. Not just any German topic, but that of the country’s continuing problems with racism. (More…)

It’s 2021, not 1917. Yet, when you read as much progressive media as The Battleground does, you’d be forgiven for mixing up the dates. (More…)

The Sun might finally be about to burn out. I don’t mean the star that sustains life on this planet. I mean the notoriously smutty, yet influential right-wing UK newspaper. (More…)

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