Behind The Lines

September 2021: general election time in Germany. It will be the first since 2005 in which Angela Merkel will not be a candidate for chancellor. (More…)

When William Westmorland led American forces in Vietnam, he kept a copy of Bernard Fall’s devastating critique of the French war in Indochina, The Street Without Joy, on his night table. (More…)

In Greek media, the dominant line on China is that Beijing is investing in the country, primarily through its flagship project, in Piraeus. (More…)

Women were screaming. Gunfire echoed in the distance. A British accented voice drifted in and out, periodically commenting on the upheaval. (More…)

What do Germans mean when they speak of “fighting Antisemitism”?  (More…)

If you hate the media, it was a dream come true. The Israeli Air Force had just destroyed the offices of two of the most influential news organisations in the world. (More…)

While it’s unsurprising to see Felix Klein – who tends to accuse people of Antisemitism, including Jews – among endorsers of the 1948 Exhibition, it’s less predictable to find him interviewed in the Neue Zeitschrift für Musik, a magazine covering contemporary art music, founded by Robert Schumann. (More…)

The year 2021 marks 1700 years of “Jewish life” in Germany.  (More…)

One of the most mainstream and establishment American Jewish organisations is calling for Fox News host Tucker Carlson to resign. (More…)

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