Author: Wieland Hoban
Wieland Hoban is an Anglo-German composer and translator born in London and based near Frankfurt. He has translated numerous books in the fields of philosophy, music and literature, including works by authors such as Adorno, Sloterdijk, Celan and Kluge, as well as occasionally publishing texts of his own.

While the discriminatory nature of Philosemitism in Germany is not always obvious, due to a lack of knowledge of Jewish culture and politics, it is easier to recognise racism in the way Palestine solidarity advocates are treated. (More…)

Insisting on Israel’s right to exist conceals the fact that states exist or do not exist. They do not have a ‘right’ to exist. There is no reason to perform the ritual of asserting that any state has this right before it is considered acceptable to say anything critical about it. (More…)

For those on the Anglophone left, the issue of Antisemitism has taken on increasing significance in recent years. (More…)