Author: The Eurasian Climate Brief

The Eurasian Climate Brief is a new podcast on climate news in the region stretching from Eastern Europe, Russia down to the Caucasus and Central Asia. It aims to give voice to the best experts and journalists to make sense of a part of the world where environmental news is at best underreported, at worse a crime.

Global warming will not be stopped. At least immediately. Olha Boiko sees signs of progress, but is sceptical that COP26 secured its 1.5°C  temperature reduction goal. (More…)

Developing countries have criticised the OECD definition of climate finance, which includes grants, loans, and export finance credits from both private and public sources. (More…)

In the fifth episode of their COP26 coverage, the Eurasian Climate Brief team interview Gilles Dufrasne,  a policy officer of advocacy organisation Carbon Market Watch. (More…)

On Monday, the Eurasian Climate Brief met with activists demonstrating against COP26, in Glasgow. (More…)

In this third COP26 episode, Eurasian Climate Brief talks to UN forestry expert, Paola Deda, about the state of forests in the region, after more than 100 countries – many of them Eurasian – committed to end and reverse deforestation by 2030 on Tuesday. (More…)

The Eurasian Climate Brief is a new podcast dedicated to climate news in the region stretching from Eastern Europe and Russia down to Caucasia and Central Asia. (More…)

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