Author: Natalie Sarkic-Todd

My favourite response to loudmouths is to ignore them. Don’t give them the oxygen of publicity, don’t repeat their slogans and don’t share their images on social media. (More…)

And yet there is hope. Today, on 1 April (Yes, April Fool’s Day,) the UK parliament debates the Revoke Article 50 petition.  For those who say petitions are useless,  this shows that when government is not listening, at least citizens can be heard and influence the political process. (More…)


Bogeymen are everywhere from illiberal presidents to government assassins to new-look fascists. No longer lurking in the shadows, or hiding under our beds, they’re out in the open, operating in plain sight. (More…)

Politics is personal. Brexit taught me that. It divided family and friends, colleagues and communities. (More…)