Author: Josh White

Walking around Shepperton, you would have no idea this area was home to one of the greatest English writers of the twentieth century. (More…)

Throughout the US war in Afghanistan, Western media framed the conflict in terms that suited the governments of the day. (More…)

We’re all familiar with the sight of reporters standing outside Parliament, doing their talking heads thing. (More…)

The United Kingdom is transitioning to a different kind of capitalism.  (More…)

The UK’s broadcast media is in a transitional period. The BBC is facing structural changes, whereas GB News has been launched and Boris Johnson is looking to privatise Channel 4. (More…)

The Sun might finally be about to burn out. I don’t mean the star that sustains life on this planet. I mean the notoriously smutty, yet influential right-wing UK newspaper. (More…)

Contrarians move in flocks. They may think they are rugged individualists. They may think they machete their own route through the jungle. But they are nothing more than herd animals, really. (More…)

Most British premiers have a publication that exemplifies their agenda. Thatcher had The Spectator, Blair had Prospect, but Boris Johnson has the newspaper he used to write for: The Daily Telegraph. (More…)

Tabloids are synonymous with terrible journalism. This reputation is more than deserved, yet the story of one tabloid shows that the press can be so much more than it is. (More…)

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