Author: John Foster

John Foster is a historian of European politics.

Ronald Reagan was elected to a second term as America’s president in November 1984. (More…)

In Shutdown: How Covid Shook the World’s Economy, Adam Tooze cites a fund manager’s assessment of the difficulties facing traders when the pandemic blew up in March 2020: (More…)

The end of communism was meant to be a return to the “civilised” world of individualism and consumerism. It didn’t quite happen that way. (More…)

When William Westmorland led American forces in Vietnam, he kept a copy of Bernard Fall’s devastating critique of the French war in Indochina, The Street Without Joy, on his night table. (More…)

We are living in an era of challenges to liberal democracy that would have been comprehensible to previous generations.  (More…)

The development of the European Union in the last decade has been shaped by a malign synergy of neoliberalism and populism. (More…)

Nationalism has been the most influential politics in Europe since the dawn of the 19th century (to say nothing for the moment about the wider world). (More…)

Technology is so thoroughly imbricated in our lives that questioning it has become taboo. Particularly on the left, where it’s synonymous with the emancipation of labour. (More…)

For a book with LSD in the title and an image of a tab on the cover, there is remarkably little about Michel Foucault’s notorious drug experience in Death Valley. (More…)

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