Author: Johannes Simon
Johannes Simon is a journalist from Germany. He has a degree in North American Studies and spent some time in the United States and Spain. These days, he’s based in Berlin, writing on foreign policy, American politics, right-wing populism, migration, and anything else that comes up.

European politics makes strange bedfellows. Take the European People’s Party (EPP), for example, the coalition of centre-right parties, which has good chances of winning the highest share of votes in the upcoming EU elections. (More…)

In a widely noticed speech at the 2014 Munich Security Conference, President Joachim Gauck called on Germany to play a more “active” role in the world. This would include “not to say ‘no’ on principle” to military interventions. (More…)

I tried to get out of military service, I really did. When I was called up for inspection in 2010, it was easier than ever to evade the draft. They just didn’t seem to care anymore. (More…)