Author: Heather McRobie

Heather McRobie is a British-Australian novelist, journalist and academic. She is a faculty member of the Law and Social Sciences Department at Bifrost University in Iceland, and has studied and worked on human rights and democracy across the Middle East, Balkans and former Soviet Union.

It was long overdue. But the repatriation of  Aboriginal Australian artefacts from the Manchester Museum is a significant step forward in redressing Britain’s violent past.   (More…)

Deyan Enev is a Bulgarian writer, whose book Circus Bulgaria has just been re-released in English by London’s Portobello Books. (More…)

Greenland briefly bubbled up into the global consciousness this summer when Donald Trump’s offer to purchase the country was quickly dismissed as “absurd” by Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen. (More…)

When Zdravko Grebo, a legal scholar at the University of Sarajevo, died this year, it seemed to many Sarajevans the end of an era: the last of his generation, of dissident, socialist anti-fundamentalist Bosnian thinkers who embodied the best of Yugoslav dynamism and spoke to the hope – as Sarajevo has often stood for – that Europe can carve out a space between totalitarianism and late capitalism alike. (More…)

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