Author: Ernst Stetter

Ernst Stetter is an economist by profession and was the founding secretary-general of the Brussels based European Foundation for Progressive Studies (FEPS) (2008–2019). Stetter is the editor of several books on progressive social and economic policies and regularly analyses European issues in the media. He was also director of the Africa and Central Europe departments at the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung in Germany.

The orchestration of Chinese politics by the Communist Party continues. But this year, the National People’s Party Congress was different. (More…)

We shouldn’t have had to go through it. But the Coronavirus crisis has taught us some hard lessons.  Most importantly, that globalisation, as it works today, is a failure. (More…)

The microbe is back!” Jacques Delors told AFP at the end of March.  But, the EU godfather wasn’t referring to Coronavirus. (More…)

The end of the tunnel is nowhere in sight. Coronavirus continues to infect the globe. (More…)

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