Borders bring almost as much insecurity as security. (More…)

Sixteen years of leadership by any party is too long. Particularly for a country half of which is still new to democracy, like Germany. (More…)

Although it’s easy to list Pip Blom’s forebears, especially the Riot Grrl-inflected pop of the 1990s, their second album Welcome Break still sounds like it was made from scratch.  (More…)

Soldiers get politicised by war. But few live to write about it like British journalist Joe Glenton. Josh White talks to Glenton about his new book  Veteranhood: Rage and Hope in British Ex-Military Life. (More…)

Global warming will not be stopped. At least immediately. Olha Boiko sees signs of progress, but is sceptical that COP26 secured its 1.5°C  temperature reduction goal. (More…)

Charlie Bertsch begins the illuminating introduction to his new book Listening for the Future by posing a question: “What do we ask of popular music?”  (More…)

One would think that the political crisis, the lack of government, and the third consecutive parliamentary election in a year are hard enough situations for Bulgaria. (More…)

Walking down Dean Street from Soho Square Gardens, you might not know you’re just a stone’s throw away from a satirical magazine.  (More…)

Developing countries have criticised the OECD definition of climate finance, which includes grants, loans, and export finance credits from both private and public sources. (More…)

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